14 Vital And Vibrant Vegan Lunch Ideas

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Here at VeganChocolateShop.co.uk our mission is to help people live their best vegan life. Who wants to settle for a sad and soggy supermarket sandwich for lunch? Not us!

Perhaps you're thinking of going vegan but aren't sure what you'll eat for lunch, or maybe you've been eating the same thing every day for years. This article is here to inspire you.

We've put together a list of our 15 favourite vegan lunch recipes. These fully vegan lunch ideas are perfect to pack for work, school or anywhere else you may find yourself. Remember, a delicious looking vegan lunch is a fantastic "gateway meal" to bring any plant curious coworkers towards the light!



5 Minute Vegan Tacos

These 5 minute vegan tacos have all the right ingredients for a fantastic vegan lunch. Quick to make, delicious, nutritious and they contain avocado! This recipe is so easy to make that you can snooze your morning alarm and still have time to prepare a delicious lunch.

Vegan Lunch Ideas

© Happy Kitchen Rocks



 Sicilian Couscous Salad

A vegan lunch option you can't refuse. This Sicilian couscous salad contains raisins, roasted red peppers, pinenuts and raisins giving it an irresistibly rich and delicious flavour.

Vegan Lunch Recipe for work

© Peta.org



Turmeric Chickpea Salad Sandwich

Sit and bask in the glory of your vegan meal preparation with this sophisticated superfood sandwich. Turmeric is now being recognised in the west for its powerful anti-inflammatory properties. Combined with protein rich chickpeas and kale and you're onto a sure fire winner.

Delicious Vegan Packed Lunch

- © Karissa's Vegan Kitchen



Mediterranean Vegetable and Hummus Tart

 Leonardo da Vinci once said; "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." As a supposed veggie/vegan, we think he would have loved this Mediterranean vegetable and hummus tart. Just 10 minutes of prep time and 25 minutes in the oven give you a delicious vegan lunch for at least a couple of days. Genius!

Lunch Idea for Vegan

© Wallflower Kitchen



Sweet Potato Salad

 Another awesome lunch idea that takes just 5 minutes of preparation time. This sweet potato salad can be enjoyed hot or cold and is made subtly sweet with just a dash of pure maple syrup.

Work lunch for Vegans

© Vegan Family Recipes 



Quinoa Sushi Rolls

This recipe goes out to all the vegans who are feeling extra today. Fantastically fun, tasty and nutritious, these homemade  sushi rolls are perfect for a vegan packed lunch.

Vegan Packed Lunch Sushi

© Natural Balance Foods



Mediterranean Pinwheels

Florian from Contentedness Cooking has created these amazing mediterranean pinwheels. Perfect vegan finger food, these pinwheels are given an incredible flavour kick from the homemade tahini. 

Packed Vegan Lunch for Work

© Contentedness Cooking



Italian Style Chickpea Burgers

These incredible burgers take just 10 minutes to prepare and 15 minutes to cook. Perfect on the BBQ or take them into lunch cold for a feast that your coworkers will be rightly jealous of.

Vegan Packed Lunch Burgers

© Fooduzzi 




 Roasted Tomato and Red Pepper Soup

 An all time classic. Kate at the Veg Space has put together this incredibly easy saucepan-free soup recipe that takes just 15 minutes to prep. Wholesome and warming, this tomato soup is great to prep at the weekend and take to work in portions during the week.

Vegan tomato soup

© The Veg Space



Chickpea Butternut Squash Fajitas

Denise over at Sweet Peas and Saffron specialises in meal prep recipes for busy people. A great vegan lunch for work, these chickpea and butternut squash fajitas are perfect to make in advance and store in the fridge or freezer.  

Vegan Fajitas

© Sweet Peas and Saffron 



 Vegan Sausage Onion and Tomato Tart

We love this recipe. The team at Vegan Recipe Club have created lunchtime comfort food at its very best. This tart is fantastic by itself or great with all number of side dishes. A great lunch, dinner, midnight snack from the fridge or even breakfast!

Vegan Sausage Tart

© Vegan Recipe Club




Avocado Artichoke Lentil Salad

A fantastic vegan salad to take with you to work for lunch or as a side dish with dinner. Antioxidant rich artichokes combine with protein packed lentils and all star avocado to make this healthful vegan lunch. 

Vegan Salad for Lunch

© Tasting Page



Vegan Butternut Squash Pasta

This butternut squash pasta is so creamy and decadent you would never believe its vegan, let alone healthy! The combination of blended cashews and just a dash of maple syrup make this a vegan lunch that dreams are made of.

Vegan Lunch

© Hummusapien



Spicy Bean and Sweet Potato Burritos

Did you know, that the word "burrito" means little donkey in spanish? Us neither! We've saved the best till last with this unrivaled vegan burrito recipe. How something so healthy can taste so indulgent is a mystery to us. One thing we do know, there's no way we could pack one of these for lunch and have the will power not to scoff it mid morning! 

Vegan Burrito - Perfect Vegan Lunch

- © Tali's Tomatoes



Feeling hungry? We hope this article has inspired you to go on and make your own delicious vegan packed lunches. If you've enjoyed reading, please do share with a friend and be sure to sign up to our mailing list for our weekly blog update.