Solkiki have won over 35 major international chocolate awards in just two years of trading. A company with a truly inspiring ethical backbone, Solkiki believe that cacao doesn't respond well to short term thinking. Working off the grid, using only renewable energy with a conviction that quality, taste, health, sustainability and compassion can co-exist. Fascinated with fine, natural flavours, Solkiki are on a mission to highlight the incredible differences in flavour unique to each individual bean and plot of land or 'terroir'.

Solkiki's cacao is directly traded with farmers, helping to protect vulnerable rainforests and wildlife, whilst improving the lives of farming communities and the long term quality of cacao.  Direct trade means 300 times the cash reaches the cacao farmers then with certified "fair trade" schemes. Want to know just how good chocolate can taste whilst helping to make the world a better place? Solkiki are the brand for you.