About us

Just like you, we've got a bit of a sweet tooth, but we don't think that a bar of chocolate should cost the earth. That's why we launched VeganChocolateShop.co.uk  - to give you easy access to a fantastic selection of organic, vegan chocolate. As a vegan owned and ran business, there's a few things we do a little differently that we'd like to share with you.

Cruelty Free

 For us, this means more then just being vegan. We avoid the seriously shady and ethically appalling practises that are far too common in the chocolate industry. We feel  the best way to make a stand against this and to help bring about change is to provide a clear and easy choice to you, the end consumer. We only sell chocolate from companies with excellent ethical standards. To find out more about where your chocolate comes from and how we choose which companies to work with, please visit our chocolate ethics page.

100% Organic 

The use of artificial herbicide, pesticide and fertiliser can be incredibly damaging to the environment, the farmers working with the crop and you, the end consumer. We don't like this and are keen to encourage organic food consumption and organic farming techniques. We believe it is better to pay marginally more for a product which is massively better for the world we live in. We don't sell non organic products, and never will.


Growing Organic Cacao

 Letterbox Delivery

There's nothing more frustrating then a missed delivery. Having to wait another day or trudge to the post office to collect a delivery is never fun. Our letterbox friendly packing fits easily through your front door meaning no more missed deliveries, and nothing standing between you and a mouthwatering selection of vegan chocolate.